About us

We’re a video production company based in Bexhill, East Sussex. We produce the highest quality videos for all of your online business marketing needs.

Researching, storyboarding, filming & editing are all part of the package. We film the style of video to suit your requirements - whether it’s a company overview video, a short documentary, brand or product videos or live event coverage.

We work closely with our clients to deliver a strategic video campaign.

Our recent work

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Professionally shot images can be used as part of a media package to accompany your video. These are perfect for custom profile pictures, cover photos & just about anything you need for the web or print.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a key part of video production. From something as simple as moving text, to 3D environments. This is all part of the process & we’re never short on ideas. Having a great looking branded video intro, can really set you apart from the competition!

Music Production

If your project requires its own individual soundtrack, we are able to compose & record a fitting and unique piece of music to accompany your video. If you already have a piece of music you’d like to use, no problem. Get in touch with us to find out more about this special service & what’s best for you.

Graphic Design

To keep your video fresh and current, we can design new graphic elements, or work with your existing logo to present this at its best. These graphics can be animated and then integrated into any part of your video. Sometimes a very new business may not have an official logo or branding… Well, we can help with that too.

Video Optimisation & SEO

Uploading your finished video is the final part of the whole process. This is why search engine optimisation is vital. We can help you promote your video to its full potential, on all search engines and offer advice as to how to make it work its best as a media tool for you.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and we are very pleased with the results of this project. Hopefully we will be able to collaborate again on many more projects in the future.
— Diana Taylor / Assistant Director Woodlore Limited -